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Get More Done

Citrus helps you get more done by blocking your distractions, and helping you organize your thoughts. It blocks distractions when you start an activity and blocks the sites that distract you before you are distracted.

The Logo for The Civic Press

News That You Care About

The Civic Press is an app for iOS and Android that lets you find News that affects you and report news that affects you and your community with The Civic Press.

Custom Services

We also build custom products and solutions that our customers need to fulfill the needs of their organization.

Open Source at Aeroxis

Our company, and much of the modern world, relies on open source technologies to run. These technologies run our smart phones, TVs, and our automobiles. We have always had a strong belief that our company should contribute back to the open source community and be a strong global citizen. And so, the following are our contributions back to the open source community.

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Command and Rule over your Shell

Sultan is a Python Framework for interfacing with command-line utilities, like yum, apt-get, or ls, in a Pythonic manner. It lets you run command-line utilities using simple function calls.

Extract Interesting Things

Have you ever tried looking for interesting things like URLs, E-Mails or Phone numbers in a bunch of text files? That is going to get really tough, really fast. It can be downright painful. Gypse is here to help.

The Logo for Sower

Plant Your FileSystem

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to create a large set of files, that may span multiple subdirectories? You might need to do this for testing, especially if your application that you're testing is supposed to be tested for how it manages a set of files based on their directory structure. Sower "plants" directories, files and symlinks on your filesystem based on a contract you tell it.

The Aeroxis DNA

Core Technology

Enterprise customers rely more everyday on technology as manual business processes are replaced by web and mobile applications that empower them. Our knowledge of various technologies in the software development cycle allow your ideas come to market quickly, and allow you to achieve your goals.

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Core Values

Our values make us human, and our company’s values make us who we are. Each employee of Aeroxis holds these values deep in their heart as we work hard in making your dreams into reality. Each line of code that we write is infused with our values. Each deployment and each deliverable is built on our core values.

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Core Competency

Competency, like Values, is intangable, but it is what makes us successful. Embedded deep in our DNA is to desire to be competent, and it shows in the products we develop and deliver to our customers. Our success is driven by our competence, and as a company, each employee strives to be the most competent in our industry.

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Karen J. Joseph

Karen J. Joseph

Chief Executive Officer
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David G. Daniel

Chief Engineer

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